QTSQ Vision

We believe that the QTSQ forms a very significant part of Cambridge’s “rural lungs”.

Our vision is that the QTSQ should be preserved, enhanced and developed as a rural, leisure and environmental amenity for Cambridge, the surrounding area, and the many visitors who come each year. 

We developed this vision as follows:

  • in early 2012, the Parish Councils of Barton, Coton, Grantchester and Madingley produced their draft “vision” for the area
  • this was put out to extensive public consultation in March & April
  • it was updated in the light of comments received
  • it was formally endorsed by the Parish Councils
  • in May 2012 it was presented to South Cambridgeshire District Council, Cambridge City Council and Cambridgeshire County Council in May 2012
  • SCDC confirmed that it now forms a Material Planning Consideration where relevant.

Click for the following downloads of the QTSQ Vision: