QTSQ Oil Club

The QTSQ has a bulk-buying oil club, to help save its residents money on the cost of home heating oil.

It’s called the Quarter-to-Six Quadrant Oil Club, or QTSQ-OC.  It’s available for anyone in the area: either in Barton, Coton, Grantchester or Madingley, or in any of the neighbouring villages.  There is no membership fee, and no joining paperwork.

The idea is simple: our broker will bulk-up your order for home heating oil with all of their other customers who order at the same time, so that you can benefit from a shared volume discount and the best competitive price from a range of suppliers on the day.  There are two ways to order:

  • order any time for delivery within 2-3 days.  This gets you a normal discount, as your order will be bulked-up with all the other people who order on that day; or
  • order in the last week of a month to join the month-end scheme, for delivery by the 7th of the next month.  This gets a bigger discount, as more people target this time of the month, so the volume of orders is bigger, and hence the discount is bigger.

The club is administered by a broker called Agricole Oil (www.agricoleoil.co.uk), based in Cambourne and run by Jeremy Cole and his colleagues.  To order, call 01954 719 452 or email jeremy@agricole.co.uk

Agricole has over 2,000 customers in the Cambridge and the East Anglian region (represented by 19 local clubs like ours), and another 2,500 in the Oxfordshire to Bristol area (80 local clubs).  Agricole buys about 5 million litres of heating oil per year for its customers, or the equivalent of two Olympic swimming pools, which shows its ability to get volume discounts.   Agricole donates £5 per QTSQ-OC customer who orders over 1,000 litres per year, which we put towards local good causes.

The Oil Club started in 2010, and in its first year reached 100 members who ordered 100,000 litres of oil worth £50,000.  2011 saw orders for 360,000 litres worth £175,000.  2012 had 150 members ordering 355,000 litres worth £200,000 (note the rise in the price of oil).  So by the end of 2013, I think we will have surpassed half a million pounds of oil since the Club began!

Enquiries: francis.burkitt@btinternet.com or 01223 840128